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FYP 2008-09

Final Year Projects (Research Oriented)

 Project Name



Panoramic view generation for Multi-View imaging & View interpolation for Multi-View Imaging

Dr. Rehan Hafiz, Awais Malik,
Reserach Students:
Ahmed Talha, Muhammed Usman, Najeeb (BEE-2)

Multi View Imaging (MVI) systems are finding increased usage in a wide range of next generation multimedia applications. Rather than recording a single video from a single view; MVI systems rely on acquiring multiple videos of the same object from multiple views (angles). This increased visual information of the object being filmed can then be used to achieve interesting results, such as “Immersive TV applications”. The research aims to investigate panoramic view generation and view interpolation for generation of "wide angle views" and "free view point TV" to immerse the viewer into the multimedia contents.

ICT proposal submitted in collaboration with Epic Technologies. Status: Under Review

MANU Project in collaboration with Techionics USA

Dr. Rehan Hafiz, Dr. Junaid Qadir,  Mr. Maajid Maqbool, Dr. Irtiza Gilani
Reserach Students:  Mohammad Abbas & Juzer Abbas (BICSE3)

An innovative research effort for tracking objects for digital entertainment industry

(More information coming soon)

Final Year Projects

Aautomated vehicle number plate tracking system for traffic control
Students: Asra Masood, Ayesha Mushtaq, Damiya Aamir (BEE-2)

Advisors: Dr. Rehan Hafiz &  Miss Samin Khaliq


In this project a system will be designed that responds to the event of a vehicle breaking a red light at a traffic junction. The system will be capable of recording the violator’s license Plate number in the centralized data base.



Students: Ashar Rasul, Ahmed Raza, Ansar Moughis- Ud-Din (BEE-2)

Advisors: Mr. Syed Kamran Zaidi and Dr. Rehan Hafiz

“Computer controlled 2 Axis vector gRaphic painTing system” (C-ART) is a proposed system that is capable of translating images on a computer to physical images on any real surface or a canvas.


Computerized Tomography Testbed
Students: Hassan Nasir, Asim Rehman (BEE-2)

Advisors: Mr. Muhammad Bilal, Dr. Rehan Hafiz

Development of a test-bed for Computerized tomography that will provide a primary platform for analyzing image reconstruction techniques for both hard-field and soft field tomography.


Automated fire notification  and control system

Students:a. Students: Salman Ahmed Saad Ahmed (BEE-2)

Advisors: Mr. Habeel Ahmed and Dr. Rehan Hafiz

Automated fire notification  and control system