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Numetrics collaborates with VISpro-SEECS to upgrade Complexity Calculation for NMX Schedule Risk Analyzer™

posted 21 Feb 2011, 01:03 by Rehan Hafiz
Numetrics has recently initiated a research study at VISPRO-SEECS. It aims at next level classification of generic hardware functional modules, for up gradation of its complexity calculation engine of NMX Schedule Risk Analyzer™. This classification is to be derived with input from latest research in this area and from renowned individuals of chip design process in academia and industry. The work is being carried out by Rana M Bilal an MS student of MS-DSP-EE-2 at SEECS.

About Numetrics

Numetrics provides semiconductor and embedded systems companies with fact-based product- development planning software that lays the foundation for improved productivity. Numetrics enterprise resource planning (ERP) software gives managers the power to calculate their project’s development complexity and schedule risk and to benchmark their team against the competition. Armed with that unmatched insight, managers can staff projects to more efficient levels, eliminate schedule slip and turn product development from a cost center into a profit center.

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About NMX Schedule Risk Analyzer™

The NMX Schedule Risk Analyzer™ is a product from Numetrics that quantitatively determines the likelihood that an IC project’s development schedule can be achieved. Risk Analyzer operates by calculating not only the development productivity implied in the project plan, but also the implied development throughput. It calculates the development throughput that the project team must achieve to meet its target schedule.