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VISpro wins ICT R&D Grant of Rs 14.7 Million Rs. for Multi View Imaging (MVI) Project

posted 31 May 2011, 02:03 by Rehan Hafiz   [ updated 31 May 2011, 02:09 ]
VISpro Labs SEECS & Epic Technologies have recently got approved a funding of Rs 14.87 Million Rs. from ICT R&D Fund, The title of the project is: "A Multi View Imaging (MVI) processing platform: Real time panoramic mosaic generation"
Multi View Imaging (MVI) techniques are finding extensive usage in future multimedia, surveillance, inspection and video conferencing applications. Particularly, the multi-billion entertainment/film industry is spending huge amounts in R & D related to immersive multimedia (e.g. Immersive TV). However, the biggest hurdle to-date has been the parallel processing of multiple video streams acquired in real time. This limits the benefits of MVI based systems for most applications. The project aims to design and develop a prototype system aimed as a platform for Multi View Imaging (MVI) applications such as Immersive Television and Video Conferencing. The project will result in a complete embedded hardware system, capable of generating real time panoramic mosaics, using video input from multiple cameras. The MVI platform will also provide basic user interaction capabilities to customize the generated panoramic video, which can assist in solving another problem in immersive TV content generation, namely the Free Viewpoint TV (FTV in Immersive TV terminology).